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I'd say the general rule is that Jewish actors play non-Jewish characters and non-Jewish actors play Jews. I know there are some exceptions, but that's the pattern. "Write Yiddish, cast British" is what they say.

People idolize actors. They want to become just like them. That's why Jewish actors, Jews have been selectively crossbreeding with Whites for centuries, so as to alter their overall appearance. The Whites are required to convert to Judaism, of course. And that's another sore spot: "Jews" playing Italians.

Avoiding Jewish Actors - it's like asking to find a non-jew rabbi... won't happen. Thasts exactly why jews play White roles, the power trip, the ability to corrupt and deform values and traditions; they present themselves as that which they HATE the most and in the manner they want it to appear and all for their own benefit; like the man said...'the great masters of the lie...' And as long as USA allows 96% of the media to be controlled by six jews, nothing we see can be considered true.

Did you know the Koran says that Jews are the most violent of people? I didnt write it, but Im living to see it.

February 26, 2012 Saviors Day Speech, Chicago

Defamation? more info & watch movie online...
Anti-semitism today - the hostility and discrimination against a number of peoples of southwestern Asia including the Akkadians, Phoenicians, Hebrews and Arabs...

How Nations Die more info & watch movie online...
How Nations Die
The film succinctly illustrates the largest tentacles of Jewish power in the world...

Jew Sub more info & watch movie online...
Jew Sub
This film is based on historical facts. A conniving, ambitious Jew, Süß Oppenheimer, snares a post as treasurer to the Duke of Wurttemburg by showering the duke with treasure and promises of even greater riches...

The Believer more info & watch movie online...
The Believer
Danny had a secret -- he was a Jew, and was a top student in Hebrew school before he began to ask too many questions about the deeper implications of the teachings in the Torah and the Old Testament, leading to his expulsion...

The Eternal Jew more info & watch movie online...
The Eternal Jew
The film consists of documentary footage combined with materials filmed shortly after the Nazi occupation of Poland. At this time Poland's Jewish population was roughly ten percent of the total population...

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow more info & watch movie online...
The Legend of Sleepy Hollow
A brewing romantic rivalry with a local tough and a schoolteacher culminates in a terrifying ride in the night...

The Rottenschilds - Shares in Waterloo more info & watch movie online...
The Rottenschilds - Shares in Waterloo
After a decade, the Rottenschilds had already accumulated a fortune of £11 million by using the electors money. Finally, Nathan joins forces with the commissioner of the British treasury, to enslave all Europe...

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