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Come on, Russia, start the War Come on, Russia, start the War

Come on, Russia, start the War

by succesman on Wed 10/11/2017 08:55 PM

I'm bored of this "peaceful" jewish world, where americans are serving Israhell - this four square chosen land. In a blind society everything goes wrong - political impotence is considered a duty, economical disparity a sad joke of the few illuminati geniuses. This planet must crack in half to definitely separate the rich and beautiful, everyone to cry and be happy on his side of the moon, avoiding this hypocrite circus of today. It could be, from rivers of blood, new species of predators will evolve and put an end to the davidic times of madness (called technological "progress", advanced "future", an amazing jeorney to the stars and civil "liberties").

jewNational Geographic does not show you all this? How so?

jewish garbadge must be terminated

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Come on, Russia, start the War

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