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Winter Reading - Michael Faraday and Thomas Paine Winter Reading - Michael Faraday and Thomas Paine

Winter Reading - Michael Faraday and Thomas Paine

by succesman on Sun 01/29/2017 02:43 PM

Winter is an absolute reading-time - it's warm inside and cold outside and you have plenty of time for yourself. So, start reading these two amazing books that changed the world.

Michael Faraday Electricity Experiments Book, 1922

Download the book in .pdf: here >>

Michael Faraday was a famous english chemist and physicist whose experiments on electricity led to the invention of technologies that we use today in various ways. Although he was initially a less educated man, and his mathematical knowledge were modest, Michael Farady became one of the most influential scientists of all time. His experiments were those that made electricity have applications in today's technology. Note, that during his lifetime, Michael Faraday rejected the knighthood order offered by Queen, also he rejected twice the title of President of the British Royal Society.

*But still try. For who knows what is possible. (Michael Faraday)

Rights of Man by Thomas Paine, 1791 book

Download the book in .pdf: here >>

Thomas Paine was an english writer who was able to affect through his writings and ideas what is called today the American Democracy and Democracy in general. According to Thomas Paine, the only purpose of government is to protect every human being's innate rights. Thus all forms of leadership from which no citizen benefits are unnecessary and therefore unlawful, including monarchies, military regimes and noble classes. When the French Revolution broke out, Paine fled to France where, despite not knowing the french language, was elected to the National Convention. His escape from England at that time was auspicious and publication of Human Rights in native country also launched a national fury - Paine was tried in absentia and sentenced as undermining the British Crown.

* These are the times that try men's souls. (Thomas Paine)

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Winter Reading - Michael Faraday and Thomas Paine

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