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Bees have a powerful nest protection instinct Bees have a powerful nest protection instinct

Bees have a powerful nest protection instinct

by succesman on Sun 04/17/2016 01:25 PM

Learn about the powerful nest protection instinct that bees have. I almost envy them, as it seems that people have a very weak nest protection instinct these days. And it was weakened internationaly and on purpose by someone, in my view. But what happens if a jew stick his head in a real beehive? I talked with Danes recently (consider Vikings of Denmark) and I was amazed to discover their servitude to US and softness to Israhell on any issue. If this proud nation in the past behaves as a cheap beach internationaly today and it's individuals share governmental official garbadge and mutter crap about positive jewish inventions and technology in the world (drones, biotech, farming-tech etc.) and neglect the deplorable political reality in the region, masive people suffering in the zone because of jewish abuse of power and amorality, I better believe that tomorrow will never come for a good half of the humanity.
Do to others what you want for yourself, a jewish fabrication for the goyim that zionist never practice in history. My brother, the darkest ages are today. If developed nations with all true information available make wrong decisions and think bad or no solutions, jewish international plot (read Jewish Supremacism: My Awakening to the Jewish Question, 2003) is not only evident but also necesary and implicit by deduction. If you can't see this thing, you can't see anything and it's called voluntar blindness.
What can be more sad than a weak nest protection instinct replaced by international gay-movements, feminist sabbath, jewish yellow press/film and catholic impotence to zionism... Paws up, you humans?

With hope and will,
Ariel Voinescu

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Bees have a powerful nest protection instinct

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