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ISIL has nothing to do with orthodox Islam ISIL has nothing to do with orthodox Islam

ISIS has nothing to do with orthodox Islam

by succesman on Wed 11/25/2015 02:38 PM

Remember this 10 truths, derivatives of all good intelligence you can have:

1. ISIS/ISIL has nothing to do with orthodox Islam. ISIL preaches a new extremist form of islamic believes, to argue its reckless actions;
2. ISIL was born from jewish money (through CIA spinneret), al-qaeda refuse and former iraq officers (after the disipation of huseini government);

3. ISIL's acts of violence and intimidation have a propagandistic character and have no content - there is no difference of whom to kill. Experience shows that ISIL gangs fight between them for power and money - they kill in that same manner the civilians and competitors (in faith and influence);
4. ISIL is not a state, but a new large group of outlaws and adherents of lawlessness from all over the world stained with religious color and concentrated on a specific teritory;

5. US inaction in the region (despite of the presence) speaks about explicit and secret communion between ISIL and american/israhellian government (+tyrkish, quatarian and saudi-arabian governments);
6. ISILs sources of funding derived from large oil trade with Turkey, indicates NATO involvement willy-nilly, as the final consumer of this cheap oil is Europe. No risk for the security in the region?

7. Contrived patience and tolerance of big security risks in this region talk about the actual conspiracy between US/israhell/Turkey/NATO/ etc. true enemies of human kind;
8. ISIL is not about the religion, it's about money and power - a splinter for the christian world today organised by international jews (waves of refuges settle everywhere in Europe);

9. Commercials for ISIL are worked out by the same organisations that emancipate lesbian and gay movements in the world today;
10. To be proud that you are a muslim and to tolerate ISIL in the same time means to put the original Quran on fire. (Ariel Voinescu)

Any thoughts, now?

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ISIL has nothing to do with orthodox Islam

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