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Why jewish unscrupulousness can not produce Good in principle Why jewish unscrupulousness can not produce Good in principle

Why jewish unscrupulousness can not produce Good in principle

by succesman on Fri 11/20/2015 06:28 PM

Do you have an answer, how to be friend with a snake? Jewish amorality in films, jewish amorality in foreign affairs, jewish amorality in their own scriptures, jewish amorality in their internal affairs, international sponsorship of gay movements by jews, jewish sponsorship of international migration (which killed national identities of many states), jewish involvement in falsification of central historical events, jewish perversions in juvenile law etc. - a crucible of vulgarity, debauchery and decay.

Now, that we see it all, it's time to act promptly - and this is how, step by step...

1. Identify the jews. A fortune, when they show themselves (because of their natural inferiority - what an idiot can shout that he's chosen and others not? );
2. Concentrate them in special feeding-camps and feed them with fast-food (it changes your mind, you know, really);
3. Give them sweet soda instead of pure water. Always. Till the end of their lives;
4. Give them no opportunity to find out about their past and possibilities of future. Erase and falsify their true history in all points;
5. Let them watch TV all day and read authoritative newspapers. Don't encourage investigation of facts and live figures;
6. When illness will come from this way of living, don't give them cheap medicine, but give them pseudo-medication at high costs;
7. Don't let their women sleep with men - let men sleep with men and women with women. Make this a general trend;
8. Their children belong to the state and to the system. Take the accidental-appeared children from them;
9. The old people should live separately from juvenile in special houses - no life experience and wisdom should be transferred from one generation to another;
10. Let them work day and night for you and for money, but not for verified life values.

You also see, my child, that it's you and not the jews in this hopeless situation. It's time to act, my friend, to change the silent future. Say NO, to jewish movements in the Republic - we have to see your own movements now. And remember, "with cunning and deception make war against the goyim", says the central motto of the Mossad.

Just consider this scenario, because it already considers you and me and them. (Ariel Voinescu)

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Why jewish unscrupulousness can not produce Good in principle

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