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The Tyranny of Technology. Jewish Biggest Bet The Tyranny of Technology. Jewish Biggest Bet

The Tyranny of Technology. Jewish Biggest Bet

by succesman on Sun 09/06/2015 11:21 AM

The Tyranny of Technology. Jewish Biggest Bet
If you admit that social systems are 'by the people and for the people' - for the common good of society you live in and not for a 'chosen elite', caste or clan - then you see that modern tyranny of technology secured by jews cover certain corporate interests and interests of international banks. How come?

And who are the top10 IT CEOs in the world (Zunckerbergi, Gatesi, Catzi, Brini etc.) and top10 CEOs of transnational corporations doing their plan (Buffeti, Tillersoni, Immelti, Stumpfi etc.)? Jewish 100%.
That doesn't mean they own these corporations at all - they are their front-end. The visible part of the structure - executive administration.

Many traditional monarchies (british especially) have helped themselves for centuries with jews attracting them in the role of servants. Jewish loyalty to power is known to be proverbial. Although, there are enough data gathered for a long period of time showing jewish involvement in revolutions around the world - so, under certain circumstances, jews demolish the foundations of their owners, aristocracy, creating their own systems of government and administration (France-1789, German states, the Austrian Empire, the Kingdom of Hungary, the Italian states, Denmark, Wallachia, Poland-1848, Russia-1917 etc.).

Also, jewish Rockefeller family serving british royalty for ages? Yes.

Thus, you see a chosen caste of aristocrats with assets migrated to transnational corporate and banking sector (Principality of Andorra, the Kingdom of Belgium, the Kingdom of Denmark, the Principality of Liechtenstein, the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, the Principality of Monaco, the Kingdom of the Netherlands, the Kingdom of Norway, the Kingdom of Spain, the Kingdom of Sweden, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and the State of the Vatican City). The Anglo-Saxonic tribe.

And you see international jewish clans in IT, banking and corporate finance serving traditional monarchies around the world. So, why jews? They don't mix in the national majority of the state, they represent the 5th column recognized by Napoleon, they never care about national interests and common good of the people they neighbour - 100% benefit and value for any monarchy, squarely or constructive, who's afraid of being overthrown. But nothing good for any national and local administration. Jewish Problem persists.

Now, why is the world dirty? Dirty world from dirty hands. (Ariel Voinescu)

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The Tyranny of Technology. Jewish Biggest Bet

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